Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting

I have seen several of these vibrant blue birds recently, but never had the chance to photograph one from this close. I was finishing up a long hike this morning when I found this bird.

When I go hiking with the intention of photographing wildlife I always carry my camera with an over the shoulder sling strap from BlackRapid. By connecting the strap to the tripod mounting foot of my lens I am able to carry my heavier than average camera and lens combo around without any effort. With my camera secured on the strap my hands are free and my camera rests comfortably at my side. The fast and convenient access to my camera allowed me to capture this very close shot of the bird before it flew away.

ISO 400 – f/2.8- 1/4000s – 300mm – Handheld

Distance to subject was under 20 feet.

Canon EOS 7D Body and Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS Lens.

Photographed in Bloomington, Minnesota on 7-10-2014 at 12:30 PM




Photographed on

July 10, 2014

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