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Easy to Understand

This book is short and to the point. If you study the causes for a lack of sharpness and use the tips and techniques in the book, you should be able to take better photos.


Once you purchase the book, you own it forever.  You can read it on your computer, transfer it to your tablet or even read it on your phone.


Download the book to your smart phone to use as a guide to refresh your memory when you are in the field.

Take Sharp Photos, Available on Amazon!

Do You Want To Take Better Photos?

This book first examines the common causes for photos lacking sharpness, then explains several tips and techniques to take better photos.
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Do you want to Take Better Photos?

One of the most common questions I am asked about my photographs is how do I take such sharp photos. There is not one quick and simple answer to this question. I have tried to share many of the tips and techniques in the descriptions of my photos, and the feedback from that has been overwhelmingly positive. I have decided to consolidate all of that information into this single resource and I really hope that everyone who reads it will find it useful.
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What Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

A straight-forward, easy to understand book that will help photographers get sharper photos. It’s ALL about a photo being sharp or the composition just won’t make a difference. Especially useful for bird photographers. Bemidjiguy

Chris’s book is very informational. Learned a lot about taking sharp pictures. Rich

The knowledge gained in this book has definitely helped me take sharper photos.

Richard E

I have been a photographer for years but recently downloaded this gem to my phone for reference. it is well written and contains the info that if followed, will help you towards those sharp photos you desire. For me it will help break some  “old bad habits” that you pick up by losing “focus” of the basics.

Jim E. C.

This book is well written. It provides a comprehensive overview of equipment, gear, and settings. I cover many of these same tips with other photographers I meet in the field. It is nice to know I am not alone in wanting to help others achieve higher quality images as they pursue their passion for photography. Scott D.

An excellent how-to on creating sharp images. “Take Sharp Photos” covers a wide range of issues that contribute to and detract from a image sharpness. These practical tips will make you a better photographer (it also covers diffraction if you want to get into the weeds a bit) and it comes with a bonus: uploading sharp images to your favorite social network! Jason

Was an excellent book. I’m learning how to take better wildlife photographs, especially of ducks and geese in flight. Chris’ book was easy to understand and has helped me better use my equipment and achieve better results!

James L

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the book?

Currently my book, Take Sharp Photos is available exclusively on Amazon.com, Click Here!

What is your refund policy?

The book is currently sold through Amazon.com.

Books you purchase from the Amazon Kindle Store are eligible for return and refund if we (Amazon.com) receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase.  Once a refund is issued, you’ll no longer have access to the book.

If you are not satisfied with my product, then simply request a refund via Amazon and they will refund your purchase right away. My goal has always been to provide helpful photography advice and education.

How much does the book cost?

The cost of the Take Sharp Photos e-Book is $2.99 and it is available on Amazon.com.

The book is free for Amazon Prime members.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to improve their photography skills and learn to take sharp photos.  It is recommended that you have some basic understanding of photography before reading this book.

How do I read an e-Book?

You do not need any special device to read my e-Book.  It can be read on almost any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Is the book available in print?

In order to distribute the information at minimum cost I have chosen to use the e-book format, however I would consider getting it printed if there was enough interest in the project.  Please use the contact form to send me a message and let me know if you would be interested in purchasing a printed copy of my book.

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